The handful of Soil with a growing Plant in a Man’s hand signifies the care humankind contributes towards sustaining nature and the blue in the ACFI Logo signifies the importance of Water to promote life & production of food.

who we are

Agro Chem Federation of India (ACFI) is a 'Non-Profit Organization' registered under the Society Registration Act, effective June 6, 2017.

what we do

We have partnered with many Academic Institutions, Farmer Associations, Associated Government & Non-Government Organizations, etc.

Member Companies

We understand that our long-term success is dependent not simply on the performance of our services, but also on our ability to exceed expectations in terms of the policy interventions we do for the Industry.


Chairman’s message

ACFI has gradually established itself as a true platform for policy interventions and a vocal flag waver for the entire Indian Agro Chemical Industry.

We have kept ourselves engaged with Academic Institutions, Farmer Associations, Associated Government & Non-Government Departments, to achieve Sustainability in Agriculture for the overall benefit of the Agro-based Industry.

We reiterate our commitment for the society as ever, dedicated towards promoting the safe & judicious use of Agro-chemicals & work towards sustainability of Indian Agriculture which helps providing quality agri inputs at affordable prices.

Parikshit Mundhra



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